SMSF Setup


Comprehensive Accounting:

  • Monthly / quarterly financial statements
  • Detailed monthly sales and disbursement ledger
  • Internal accounting reports
  • Monthly and quarterly tax reports
Setup SMSF

Integration Guideline

Please follow below few simple steps to integrate our online SMSF Set Up form into your website

  • Make one new page on your website similar to our declaration page. Please note do not copy text from our page. Please use your own words.
  • Make another page for Application which will be displayed after clicking the confirmation button on declaration page.
  • Click here to Download the file SMSF.txt
  • Copy all the text from the SMSF.txt File and Paste it on the new page of your website where you want to show SMSF application form
  • Contact us to get your API key for your website
  • Replace the text "YourAPIKey" in your integration code with the API key given by us. That's it, You are good to go.
Download SMSF.TXT